HERCULES Vascular Stent is made in a shape of memory Nitinol.
It helps vascular patency by insertion, when the vascular stenosis wasn’t expanded by using ballon catheter. It can be used for patients suffering from arteriosclerosis, portal hypertension and other disease concerning blood vessel.


  • Polishing process for the biocompatibility Superior
  • Flexibility and Conformability
  • Possible to manufacture various sizes
  • Soft ends reduce vessel wall damage.

Superior Radial Force

HERCULES Vascular Stent is meshed with 2 wires.
It has very strong radial force than any other stents. HERCULES Vascular Stent shows the best function for the occluded blood vessel.

Excellent Flexibility & Conformability

The HERCULES Vascular Stent has a semi-opencell structure
and reconstrainable design.