– Dealership Contract in the Middle East
– ISO 13485: 2016 version was approved

– Reapproval of KFDA

– March: S&G Head Office Building Construction in Yongin city

– February: Taiwanese QSDregistration
– May: New product registration in India
– September: Kazakhstan factory audit/Construction of new company building begins
– December: KGMP renewal

– January-March: Japanese QMS audit and product launch
– March: CE extension review
– April: China SFDA product registration underway

– January-December: KFDA approval(EGIS Biliary M-Valve Stent, Urexel Stent etc.)
– Feburary: China SFDA product registration (Radiomate Micro catether), ISO 13485 approval:Class III Seal Stent Graft System
– April: New product launches in Russia(EGIS Airway Stent)
– August: Additional CE approval(Microcatehter & Guidewire type added)
– December: Japanese PMDA product registration(EGIS Biliary Stent 4Type)
– January-December: Worldwide product registration (10< countries)

– February: CE approval(Airway stent/ Drainage Catheters/ Retrieval Hooks)
– August: HQ moves to Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
– September: KFDA approval(EGIS Biliary KEY-MB Stent /EGIS Biliary Contra-Lateral Limb Stent)
– October: Dealership contracts in Malaysia, Spain, Estonia, Croatia, Indonesia

– January: Product manufacturing license acquired (Single Bare Type, Single Cover Type)
– March: CE approval(EGIS Esophageal Stent/Guide wire/Micro Catheter)
– May: Vietnamese plant begins operation
– October: Dealership contracts in Russia, Belgium, Czech, Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi

– April: Dealership contracts in UK, Turkey, Syria
– November: KFDA approval(Catheter, Gastrointestinal)

– February: Japan contract
– April: China registration(Biliary Stent / All products)
– October: Indonesian plant begins operation, dealership contracts in India, Italy, Peru, Colombia, Japan

– July: CE approval (Extension) of EGIS Biliary Pyloric / Colorectal stent)
– September: TAA overseas technology license [Stent Graft → DataScope(US)]

– January: KGMP approval
– March: Venture company approval
– September: KGMP(Import) approval

– May: Innobiz approval

– January: Move of factory
– December: CE approval ofHercules DH Biliary stent

– January: Factory registration
– August: Venture company, Laboratory approval

– January: Chief executive officer change
– December: Moved company to Jayang-dong

– March: Research Laboratory registered
– May: Begin of Stent study
– June: Capital increase (Total capital 573 million KRW)

– April: Establish of legal company
– May: Venture company technology registration approval