EGIS Pyloric Stent

  • EGIS Pyloric Stent is designed to fit naturally into the gastric outlet and duodenum.
  • Radio-opaque markers (an alloy of Gold &Tungsten) increase visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • The optimal radial force of the EGIS Pyloric stent will allow patients to achieve normal digestion.
  • The stent is designed for having excellent conformability to fit into the gastric outlet and duodenum.



Delivery system 10, 12 Fr/ 120, 180 cm For MFDS, 10 Fr is only certified )

Ordering No. First two**: Diameter(mm) / Last two**: Length(cm)

Type Ordering NO. Size
OTW TTS Diameter(mm) Length(cm)
Single Bare SEBP**** PSB****12 SEBE**** PSB****18 18 , 20 , 22 ,24 6 , 8 , 10 , 12
Double Bare DEBP**** PDB****12 DEBE**** PDB****18
Single Covered SECP**** PSC****12 SECE**** PSC****18
Double Covered DECP**** PDC****12 DECE**** PDC****18


Catalog : EGIS Colorectal & Pyloric Stent