Contributing to the Enhancement of Global Healthcare by Research and Development


Researching & Developing the Newest Innovative Technologies and Medical Procedures to commercialize well-made and high-quality medical device products.


To invent and create novel interventions through cooperating with clients by researching, developing and commercializing related medical devices, S&G Biotech will contribute to promoting human health and leading the future of medicine

  1. Create a reliable partnership with clients
  2. Comply with R&D regulations and procedures
  3. Produce excellent products with the best quality through a certification system
  4. Effective sales and marketing in terms of clients and patients’ perspective
  5. Self-empowerment & management leading to successful results


Our colleagues pledge that

  • A person empowered and managed by himself.
  • A person who can devote himself to achieve a successful outcome despite any risk
  • To achieve desirable results, there is no need for special talent, aptitude or training.
  • In order to increase performance, we need to learn how to do it through daily practices and to habituate that