Over 18 Years of Experience in Stent and Accessory

Facing New Age

Facing the needs of new generation stent, We are studying and developing high technical material and function including new materials.

Quality Management

We produce stent and accessory under ISO 13485 and GMP system.


If customer want new type of stent, we will be service this special requests. And new design of stent was simulated using FEA technology.

Export over 30 countries

We export high technical stent global market.

Develop Team

We continuously research and develop new type of stent, and certified by ISO 13485, GMP, CE, PMDA, CFDA.

Why Choose Us

High technical company

We have high technical manufacture skill and experience over 18 years.

Export driven strategy

We hope that many patient and doctor being help using our production. We serve stent system oversea countries.


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CEO of S & G Biotech Inc. who graduate MD, PhD at Ulsan medical univercity. And his ambitious plan is most valuable stent manufacture company helping patient and doctor using S  &G  stent. My vision is that treatment of the patient through the stent and maintenance of a healthy life.

  • MD, PhD Sung-Gwon Kang
  • CEO of S & G Biotech Inc.
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